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  • 1 hora 15 minutos
  • 30 francos suizos
  • Militärstrasse

Descripción del servicio

Veda Yoga is a dynamic Hatha Vinyasa class with a short talk on yoga philosophy or Ayurveda in the beginning. Circular rotations of the shoulders and legs will release tension, increase mobility, and infuse your practice with a sense of graceful fluidity. Throughout the sequences, you'll be encouraged to synchronize your movement with your breath, creating a meditative flow that unites body, mind, and breath. Alina's teaching style emphasizes the connection to your core, inviting you to cultivate strength and stability from within. Alina's Hatha Vinyasa class is an invitation to embrace the transformative power of yoga. It's an opportunity to harmonize breath, movement, and philosophy, creating a practice that nurtures your body, and calms your mind - all that spiced with a little bit of humor.

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Detalles del contacto

  • Militärstrasse 84, Zúrich, Suiza


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